She was starting over. He was clinging to the past. When their worlds collide, will it be forever love? Or one year in Liberty?

Vivienne Boudreaux is recently divorced, nursing a broken heart and making a living writing about it. Why else would she leave her comfortable life in New Orleans to start over as a sunflower farmer in Liberty, North Dakota? Especially when she discovers the foreclosed house she bought is barely standing and the land it sits on used to belong to the big, ornery cowboy next door. And thanks to the book deal she signed, she’s stuck in Liberty for a year. Big, ornery, sexy cowboy and all.

Matthew MacKagan has spent most of his life cleaning up after his family, so the last thing he needs is to babysit a city girl who wants to be a farmer. His father’s negligence nearly bankrupted the Double M Ranch once, and now his troubled brother’s mistake might cost Mac everything he’s worked for. So it doesn’t matter how pretty his newest neighbor is, or how good her coffee is, he needs that land back. And thanks to a legal loop hole, he can get it, just as long as he can find his brother before the year is up.

But as the seasons pass and their feelings for each other grow, will they be able to walk away at the end of the year? Or will one year turn into a lifetime? See More